How To Create Your Own Glow Highlighter

Even though Phee's Makeup Shop has got a fairly broad range of colours going on in the highlighter department, I still find myself mixing new shades from existing ones. I can't help it, I'm fussy.

And I know a lot of you guys do it too - whether it be with Phee's Makeup Shop products or mixing and matching different brands. 

That's why I put together the Highlighter Trio. I found myself mixing these three shades all the time from my highlighter palette, and they're classic shades if you want to use them on their own too. 

For reference, here's The Original on its own so you've got an idea of the intensity of a single shade on the cheeks.

The Original (champagne) + Luna (white gold)

The Original (champagne) + Bellini (peach)

Luna (white gold) + Bellini (peach)

Luna (white gold) + Bellini (peach) + The Original (champagne)

The difference is subtle because the shades are all fairly neutral, but it's handy to be able to mix up a different Glow Highlighter shade to suit different skin tones or a particular makeup look. 

The Highlighter Trio is £21 for three 37mm pan compacts - saving you £9 💰!