How To Use Trance Unicorn Highlighter

The multicoloured 59mm compacts on Phee's Makeup Shop can be used in loads of different ways.

You can use each colour individually on different parts of your face - and find out which one you enjoy the most before you commit to one compact - or you can use all the shades at once for a highlighter that's completely customised by you.  

There are loads of swatches about of each Unicorn Highlighter shade on its own, but I've never shown you what they look like layered together. 

All three original Unicorn Highlighter shades are available in the Trance Unicorn Highlighter compact. At the top you've got Gloaming (gold), in the middle is Glo Up (purple) and at the bottom is Buzz (blue). 

For a holographic highlight using this Unicorn Highlighter, I like to start with Glo Up as my main highlighter shade, use a smaller brush to apply Buzz in the centre of Glo Up then go around the edges with Gloaming.

The mix of purple, blue and gold will give you a really bright highlight from a distance - like you see in these photos - but close up you can see all the individual reflect shades for a holographic effect. 

For these photos I applied Trance Unicorn Highlighter straight over my foundation without any cream highlighters underneath using the Illamasqua Highlighter Brush and Real Techniques Setting Brush.

Trance Unicorn Highlighter is £20 for a 59mm pan compact - almost double the standard 37mm pan compacts - and is included in the 25% first order discount. 

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