Instagram Roundup #6

Fleur, IG: Floribundar, wearing Phee's Makeup Shop highlighters

Lauren, IG: Fawwna, wearing Luna Glow Highlighter to compliment those rainbow shades 🌈

Rosie, IG: Familyg0retrait, wearing Glo Up and Luna (use FAMILYGORETRAIT at checkout for 10% off your order!)

Rachel, IG: Nothingrhymeswith.rachel, wearing Glo Up in this Justcallmetara inspired look 💜

Bea, IG: Bea_marsdenhalliday, wearing BUZZ Unicorn Highlighter mixed with sealing gel to add some sparkle to her graphic liner.

20% off profits from Buzz's Highlighter go to Terrier rescue charities 🐶💙

Bex, IG: Bexlecter, showing exactly how she gets perfect bat wing liner 🔪 using GLOAMING over green shadow on the inner corner.

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