Less About Me

It's time for more change on Phee's Makeup Shop. 

So far I've been using my own makeup Instagram account to post your looks and updates on new launches. It was ok at first, but now it's reached the point where I feel like I can't do everything with just one account. 

I know, this is the most first world problem I can think of. Phee's Makeup Shop needs to be less about me now, and more about the looks you create and the inspiration you tag me in! And I can't do that if I'm trying to post things on an account that's my own creative outlet too.

Phee's Makeup Shop now has its own Instagram and it's still a little baby (at the time of writing this it's not even got 100 followers). 

On this account I'll be posting:
- Your makeup looks using Phee's Makeup Shop products
- Inspiration photos 
- Looks by artists that Phee's Makeup Shop works with
- Swatches of Phee's Makeup Shop products
- Product and shop updates

PS. When Phee's Makeup Shop's Instagram account reaches 1000 followers I'll be doing a giveaway, so please go follow and share it with your friends!