The New Highlighter Formula

You guys are going to love this new highlighter formula and I can't wait for you to get your hands on Googlybear!

So with it almost ready to ship (pre orders will be posted on 10th May) I thought I'd take some time to explain why this shade has a new formula.

I'm always looking for ways to improve on the highlighter formulas on Phee's Makeup Shop. The Unicorn Highlighters are great, but sometimes I wish they'd be smoother to apply. 

The reflect pigments did mean there was some fall out depending on which highlighter you were using (especially Glo Up). It's nothing major, and the finished look is still a beautiful reflect only highlight that's as bright as the sun, but I'm a perfectionist.

This new formula means the Unicorn Highlighters appear less glittery and have even more of a high shine finish on your skin, especially if you're into a more natural coverage base. 

What's different about this formula then? Vitamin E Oil. 

Vitamin E Oil contains antioxidants that can help prevent/lessen signs of ageing such as fine lines and is also used to treat psoriasis and eczema. It also acts as a natural preservative for the glycerin in the highlighters. 

Now let's not get carried away - I've listed this as the last ingredient because it is in there in the smallest quantity compared to other ingredients - so the highlighter isn't going to completely turn back time on your skin. 

But every little helps, and it's always good when your makeup products can also help with your skincare.

Oh and the Vitamin E Oil I use comes from cereal germ so the formula is still suitable for vegans!

Googlybear is the only highlighter with this formula at the moment. The added Vitamin E also helps when you're applying it.

You'll notice that especially with a brush, this formula is much more intense after just one application, especially if you're applying it in a no foundation look. 

Here's a quick look at Googlybear applied as a swatch with fingers and with a brush.

My skin had no primer or other product on it for this video. The lighting was from my studio lights, no flash was used.

And yes, all new highlighters will have this added Vitamin E formula AND I'll be rolling it out for existing highlighter shades.

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