I'm Phee, owner of Phee's Makeup Shop. You've probably seen my face in some of the product images showing what they look like in action, but if not, that's me down below.

I started off as a beauty blogger - Phee's Makeup Tips - using that as a way to get freelance work in social media. I started Phee's Makeup Shop as a side hustle for reasons I explain further down.

Now, thanks to all you amazing customers, I run Phee's Makeup Shop full time! I spend my days researching new products, answering any questions you might have and helping find the right products for you that you will love and feel badass wearing. 

Of course, doing all of this with a healthy dose of glitter (Everything I own is ALWAYS covered in glitter, I swear it's part of me now). ✨ 


No Nonsense Products

Phee's Makeup Shop came about because I was sick of the constant bullshit you see in the makeup industry.

When you look at the products you're using, how many of the ingredients can you identify without looking them up?

When you look at the ads for them, how many have that small print admitting the effects of the product are enhanced in some way?

It just leaves you feeling disappointed when a product doesn't work the same way for you as it did for that person in a million pound marketing campaign (yes bloggers I'm on about you too, I've been there myself).

So I cut out the crap in the products - you'll not find any fillers or talc in Phee's Makeup Shop products - and I cut out the crap in the marketing too. All the photos you see on here and on my Instagram are just colour corrected.

Real people showing how the products really work, because as a consumer you don't deserve to be tricked into buying something. 


Keeping It Simple

At the moment Phee's Makeup Shop sells handmade mineral highlighters and eyeshadows split into four collections:

Glow Highlighters - the original formula that I launched Phee's Makeup Shop with. These highlilghters have a natural glow to them.
Unicorn Highlighters - launched in 2016, Unicorn Highlighters are holographic and have much more reflective finish than the original Glow Highlighters.
Mineral Eyeshadows - another original formula, these eyeshadows have a foiled finish
Luxe Eyeshadows - have a blend of matte pigments and metallic pigments to give a wider variety of finishes


Handcrafted Just For You

Each product is handmade to order. It hasn't been sat around in a warehouse for weeks on end, it has been made just for you!

I still make each product in small batches to ensure every highlighter and eyeshadow is best quality that it can be. When you order a product, it will come from a batch of 10 at most. 


With Love

Promise I'm not exaggerating here - pretty much everyone who ensures your product gets to you is happy that you made the purchase.

Every new order notification I get I have to tell someone because I'm so excited, my Dad loves doing the Post Office run because I buy him a bacon sarnie on the way back and everyone at my local Post Office is dead chuffed to see a small business doing well and choosing them to dispatch their products. 

I wish I could thank each and every one of you in person, but 'cause that's near enough impossible for me to do unless I clone myself, I make sure you get a hand written note with each order. 

P.S. If you leave me a note with your order I can try to personalise it too! :)



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